My participation in the ENSET Mohammedia's GEIW Hackathon

My participation in the ENSET Mohammedia's GEIW Hackathon

On March 15, 16, and 17, ENSET Mohammedia organized the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week (GEIW), a dynamic event aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration among students. As part of this event, a hackathon was held, focusing on the integration of blockchain and AI in the health sector. Our team, TL3B, comprised of students from second-year GLSID and II-BDCC, emerged as one of the outstanding participants in this intense competition.

The hackathon at GEIW posed a unique challenge to the participating teams: harnessing the power of blockchain and AI technologies to improve healthcare services. Under this theme, Our team TL3B set out to create a secure and transparent platform that connects patients and doctors seamlessly, the name TL3B was inspired by the initials of our last names: Achraf Taffah, Abderrazzaq Laanaoui, Ahmed El Bouchouki, Mohamed Benchelbikh, and I, Youssef Ben Sadik.

We recognized the importance of maintaining patient privacy and ensuring data security, leading us to utilize blockchain technology for storing medical records. This decentralized system allowed patients to have complete control over their sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. By leveraging AI algorithms, we enabled the system to diagnose diseases based on patient symptoms and medical history, by incorporating AI into our platform.

We proposed a solution that consisted of a distributed system made up of microservices. These microservices seamlessly communicate synchronously via HTTP, employing REST API. Our rationale behind opting for a microservices architecture stems from our diverse expertise. For instance, I work more efficiently with .NET, while Ahmed and Abderrazzaq are more comfortable with NestJS. Furthermore, certain tasks are inherently more suited to specific technologies, as exemplified by our employment of Python for the development of the AI service.

If you're interested in checking out the rudimentary, albeit unfinished, code of our application, you can visit the GitHub organization we created specifically for this hackathon.

Although time constraints prevented us from developing the front-end, we focused on showcasing the strength of our back-end development during the defence.

Our team's commitment and creative solution impressed the judges, resulting in us winning the second prize at the GEIW hackathon. It was a testament to our hard work and collaboration. We are thrilled and proud of this achievement!

Participating in the GEIW hackathon proved to be a valuable learning experience for us. We gained hands-on knowledge in working with cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and AI. We honed our teamwork skills, recognized the significance of time management, and learned to adapt and innovate under pressure.