Unveiling My Passion: Embracing Computer Science from Childhood

Unveiling My Passion: Embracing Computer Science from Childhood


Finding one’s passion is a quest many people embark on, often with trials and tribulations. In contrast, my journey into the world of computer science and software engineering felt like destiny unfolding naturally. It all began with a pivotal moment, a decision my mother made that would set the course of my life.

The Gift of a Pentium 4

It all started when my mother sold her marriage necklace to buy me an old Pentium 4 desktop. Back then, Windows XP was the latest and greatest operating system, and I was spellbound by the possibilities it offered. I spent hours exploring the paint program, unaware that I was taking my first steps into the realm of computers.

Discovering the Importance of RAM

As I upgraded to another desktop with a mere 1 GB of RAM, I eagerly installed GTA San Andreas. Little did I know that this decision would lead me to a profound realization. When I tried to play the game on my next computer, which had only 512 MB of RAM, it failed to run. This was my first encounter with the concept of RAM and its critical role in a computer’s performance. Frustrated but undeterred, I immersed myself in online flash games.

The Days of Slow Internet

Internet access was a luxury in those days, provided via a modem with a limited 24-hour subscription for 10 Dirhams. The internet was painfully slow, making even YouTube videos an exercise in patience. Yet, I was resourceful. I’d ask my father to recharge the modem, and once he did, I’d stay up day and night to make the most of every precious hour.

A Clever Discovery

During this time, I made a discovery that would change the way I interacted with my computer. I learned that if I allowed online flash games to load to 100%, I could save the webpage and play them offline. This newfound knowledge deepened my bond with my computer. It had become my sanctuary, my personal haven, and it was clear that we were inseparable.

Becoming a DIY Computer Expert

Whenever the computer refused to turn on, I took it upon myself to disassemble and reassemble it. These self-taught troubleshooting skills not only brought my computer back to life but also enhanced my understanding of its inner workings. Each day, I acquired new knowledge about how to use, fix, and interact with my computer.

The Turning Point

In my junior year of middle school, I met my friend Abdessamia, and our shared passion for computers led to new adventures. We upgraded to a better desktop PC, an Intel Core 2 Duo with a modest 2 GB of RAM. Together, we dived into the world of GTA games, but what excited us more than playing them was modding them. We changed cars, NPC outfits, and much more. Our passion for modding games became a creative outlet, and we shared our creations on forums.

My Journey into Game Development

While Abdessamia focused on modding Vice City with Moroccan elements, my interests took a different turn. I delved into modding PES 6, updating club uniforms and players to the latest season, and transforming miscellaneous teams into Moroccan Botola league teams. It was during this phase that I began to wonder if I could do more than just mod games. How could I create games from scratch?

Discovering Scratch

This curiosity led me to discover Scratch, a software designed to teach programming through interactive game development. It was the perfect fit for someone my age, and I was hooked from the start. As I created various projects in Scratch, I not only learned how to write instructions but also witnessed how the program executed them. This experience was not just educational; it was a spark of creativity and problem-solving skills that ignited my passion for software engineering.


In retrospect, my early and unwavering relationship with computers paved the way for my unshakable determination to pursue a career in the computer science field. From those early days of exploring Windows XP and discovering the role of RAM to my adventures in game modding and the creative world of Scratch, I knew that computers and software engineering were my true calling. While many struggle to find their passion, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found mine, one that has shaped my academic and professional journey into the world of computer science.